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The Hempuralist: Your personal guide for cannabis and all its parts

I am Jaime Scott, Air Force Veteran and Founder of Hempura: the only hemp company that provides tailored solutions for families who struggle with the stigma associated with hemp use who wants to live pain free in a time of increased federal prohibition.

As The Hempuralist, I will be your personal partner to find you tailored solutions that will bring relief of the stress and associated stigma of self-betterment through natural hemp.

The more we speak openly about our ailments and the holistic alternatives that are available, we can educate and overcome any negative connotations associated with Hemp oil and CBD oil.  I am your guide for cannabis and all its parts.  Allow me to help you navigate through your journey without the stigma.

“Working with Jaime has been fantastic. She offered me great service and products and gave me 1 on 1 attention.” - Steven

If you suffer from Anxiety, PTSD, Arthritis, Diabetes, Chronic Pain or Inflammation, you've come to the right place.