Meet Jaime Scott, Air Force Veteran and Founder of Hempura

After I got out of the military in 2004, my ailments began to rear their ugly heads.  My PTSD and anxiety were through the roof and approximately three years later, I began losing the ability to eat due to my esophageal sphincter not being able to relax.  

I was then introduced to cannabis.  This was before states were legalizing medicinal marijuana.  I had to hide from my friends, family, and colleagues while living in fear and with stigma.

Today, I’ve been consuming cannabis and all its parts for 10 years. I turned 40, and decided life was too short.  There is no reason to feel ashamed or live in fear over cannabis.  I want others with the same or worse ailments to know there are holistic options to prescribed pharmaceuticals without synthetics or unsafe additives.

What are CBD and Hemp?

There is a lot of confusion surrounding the definition and legalities of Hemp Oil and CBD oil derived from hemp.  Cannabis is a plant family.  Hemp is Cannabis.  All Hemp is cannabis but not all cannabis is Hemp.

Hemp and CBD are natural components of the cannabis plant that do not contain psychoactive properties.  Hemp is a sustainable crop and CBD Oil produced from hemp can provide organic therapeutic relief.

As The Hempuralist, I will be your personal partner to find you tailored solutions that will bring relief of the stress and associated stigma of self-betterment through natural hemp.

The more we speak openly about our ailments and the holistic alternatives that are available, I feel we can educate and overcome any negative connotations associated with Hemp oil and CBD oil.  I am your guide for cannabis and all its parts.  Allow me to help you navigate through your journey without the stigma.

“I started using CBD for pain in my knees. After taking 10 mg everyday for a week, the pain in my knees was gone.” - Kevin

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Why Choose Hempura?

Hempura is the only hemp company that provides tailored solutions for families who struggle with the stigma associated with hemp use, who want to live stress free in a time of increased federal prohibition.

It is my mission to be your personal partner in providing tailored solutions for the specific needs of your family in all things hemp.

“Over the last two weeks my acne had almost diminished. I could not be happier. My self-confidence has been better, and my overall attitude has improved.” - J. Campbell