Can CBD Oil Help You Lose Weight?

Studies on CBD for obesity show

Can CBD oil help you lose weight?
So…Can CBD oil help you lose weight? Absolutely!

CBD may be able to help with weight loss.

Scientists are learning all types of things about CBD, so now they ask, ‘Can CBD oil help you lose weight?’  So far, studies indicate that it’s a great possibility.  Medical professionals have conducted a variety of trials related to CBD and obesity.  Not surprisingly, CBD seems to manage healthy body weight from a variety of angles.

Back in 2013, a variety of institutions and endocannabinoid professionals started asking, “Can CBD oil help you lose weight?”

Let’s jump back a few years to the time in which scientists realized they could start legally conducing trials on CBD disease management and prevention theories.  Numerous medical professionals referred to not only their own data, but other scientific research their colleagues in the field had conducted.  They used this knowledge as a reference point for a variety of theories and questions.  One of the questions posed was, “Could CBD oil help you lose weight?

The American Journal of Medicine published one of these pieces five years ago. (

At the time they published the post, it was true that scientists had not yet started conducting studies on CBD for obesity.  The National Center for Biotechnology also published similar documentation in the same year.  (

A group of Canadian addiction and mental health professionals posed that very question in this piece.  However they were more inclusive of the entire cannabis plant.  They posed the question of whether or not THC and CBD could help with weight loss.

Now let’s jump forward a few years to a point of time in which endocannabinoid professionals had time to answer the question, “Can CBD oil help you lose weight?”

In 2016, a group of biotechnology professionals in Korea conducted a study to help answer the question, “Can CBD oil help you lose weight?”  (

In this study, scientist relied on recent findings around obesity and a certain group of adipocytes.  Medical experts had recently learned the role of adipocyte, 3T3-L1, in obesity.  They realized that these were white in obese patients.  Furthermore, research revealed that – when they browned – the result was weight loss.

Scientists conducting the study related to the question, “Can CBD oil help you lose weight,” capitalized on that research in order to answer that question.  They used CBD to enhance “expression of a core set of brown fat-specific marker genes (Ucp1, Cited1, Tmem26, Prdm16, Cidea, Tbx1, Fgf21, and Pgc-1α) and proteins (UCP1, PRDM16, and PGC-1α)”.

In other words, CBD caused cellular and molecular activity that positively influenced a person’s ability to lose weight healthfully.

In another post related  to CBD and cholesterol,” we shared more studies regarding CBD and obesity.  Scientists in one study helped rats to control their intake diet by treating them with CBD.  Scientists in other studies were successful in raising healthy cholesterol levels and reducing triglycerides, thus helping with the goal of healthfully managing weight.

Therefore, the answer to the question, “Can CBD oil help me lose weight?” is, “Yes.”



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