CBD for OCD [Cannabinoids Tame Obsessive Compulsive Tendencies]

CBD for OCD research has medical experts on a mission!

CBD for OCD may be as effective of a treatment for this disorder as it is for many others.  Loads of research on CBD and obsessive compulsive disorder doesn’t currently exist.  Having said that, scientists have conducted at least one study that’s relevant to treating OCD with CBD.  Also, another group of medical professionals are currently recruiting test subjects.

According to Beyond OCD, obsessive compulsive disorder is actually a neurobiological condition.  As such, research on the endocannabinoid system indicates that CBD for OCD and anxiety related to OCD may be highly effective.

Scientists confirmed that CBD for OCD is effective.  As a matter of fact, they had so much faith that it would be effective, that part of the primary purpose of the study was to evaluate the best delivery methods.

A group of medical science professionals in the United Kingdom conducted a study on CBD and OCD.

In this study, lab technicians wanted to know how different phytocannabinoids would work with different delivery methods.  They treated some mice with an oral solution of CBD.  They injected other mice intraperitoneally.  An intraperitoneal injection simply means that it is delivered through the abdominal cavity, or peritoneal cavity.  Interestingly enough, different phytocannabinoids responded differently to each delivery method.

Oral doses resulted in higher brain concentrations of both CBD and CBDV.  However, the intraperitoneal injection resulted in higher concentrations of THC and CBG.  Perhaps most importantly, with both delivery methods, cannabinoids inhibited obsessive compulsive behavior in rats.

But that’s not all on the story of CBD and OCD!

The New York State Psychiatric Institute is currently recruiting participants in a study related to CBD for OCD.

The New York State Psychiatric Institute is publicly recruiting test subjects in a study that will test the efficacy of CBD for OCD and anxiety.  (https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT03274440)

As a matter of fact, it will compare the effects of treatments containing high amounts of CBD and low amounts of THC with treatments containing high amounts of THC and low amounts of CBD.  Finally, those two combinations will be compared to a placebo.

In the rationale for their study, psychiatric professionals indicate that many endocannabinoid professionals have hypothesized that CBD for OCD and anxiety would be effective.  Now that CBD for OCD research has proven that, scientists can conduct more specific studies to gauge the efficacy of different cannabinoids for obsessive compulsive disorder.

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