CBD for Vertigo: Can Cannabis Cure Motion Sickness and Ear Illnesses?

Cannabis may be able to prevent motion sickness

CBD for vertigo
CBD for vertigo may be able to reduce dizziness and other symptoms.

and other demonstrations of vertigo.

Scientists are discovering that CBD for vertigo may be able to prevent motion sickness.  They also believe it may ease symptoms of vertigo from dislodged calcium crystals, as well.  Having said that, many endocannabinoid professionals believe CBD can help a lot of other contributing factors to vertigo, as well.  Scientists have been using cannabinoids to treat nausea and vomiting since the 1980’s when the AIDS epidemic was at the height of its destruction.

Individuals often experience dizziness simultaneously with nausea and vomiting.  Given that, it’s important to mention that many studies not included in this post are very relevant to the prospect of CBD for vertigo working.  That’s because doctors have been using CBD to treat nausea and vomiting for years.  Aside from that, scientists are looking directly into the causes of vertigo.  Additionally, many of them are evaluating ways in which cannabis could be effective therapy for vertigo.

Research involving CBD for vertigo shows that the CB1 receptor has more control over the vestibular nucleus complex than scientists previously thought.

A group of professionals in New Zealand shared information related specifically to CBD for vertigo. (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/16601324)

The basis of the publication was two-fold.  The first point was the fact that vertigo stems from a variety of ear complications.  Next, they emphasized that scientists once believed that the CB1 receptor didn’t have much control over the vestibular nucleus complex.  That is a group of nuclei that controls the ear canal.  The brainstem hosts this group in both the pons and the medulla of the brainstem.  Since this group has a strong connection to the CB1 receptor, mediation of this region to control symptoms of vertigo with CBD is possible.

So far, there is no specific CBD formula designed to treat vertigo.  However, there are many benefits to CBD therapy, so just because your CBD oil isn’t specifically for vertigo, that doesn’t mean that you wouldn’t still be taking CBD for vertigo if you were to use it for those symptoms.  Most likely, it’s going to work.



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