CBD Oil and Bipolar Disorder [Cannabis Treats Bipolar Symptoms]

Can CBD oil and bipolar disorder find a common ground?

CBD oil and bipolar disorder (or manic-depressive disorder) may be one of the least studied psychiatric conditions.  Labs everywhere have issued plenty of studies supporting that CBD is effective for depression and even cannabinoids for anxiety.  However, when researchers look for preceding trials involving CBD oil and bipolar disorder, they are unable to locate much.

A variety of neuro-receptors controlling emotions are enhanced by CBD oil, and bipolar disorder is characterized by chemical imbalance.

According to the National Institute for Mental Health, patients suffering from bipolar experience a wide range of unusual emotions and behaviors.  Psychiatric professionals have identified various expressions of bipolar disorder.  Bipolar disorder affects some individuals worse than others.  There is something all persons with manic-depressive order have in common:  They all have very extreme and contradictory outlooks – depending on their state of mind.  (https://www.nimh.nih.gov/health/topics/bipolar-disorder/index.shtml)

In a state of mania, an individual with manic-depressive disorder may feel naturally very euphoric.  They may experience a level of excitement that seems inappropriate for their activity.  Conversely, in a state of depression, the same individual may feel absolutely hopeless.  Victims of bipolar disorder may feel extreme, dark feelings that are not necessarily based on anything tangible.  That doesn’t mean, though, that they are not very negatively affected by these extreme feelings.  A person with manic-depressive disorder doesn’t always recognize the grandiosity of their demeanor.

Psychiatry professionals in the United Kingdom theorize that CBD oil for bipolar disorder could be effective.

One institution that publicly stated their position on CBD oil and bipolar disorder noted specifically that they were unable to locate any relevant studies.  Ashton CH, et al, conducted a survey of psychiatric patients who used cannabis and CBD oil for bipolar disorder.  (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/18801823)

Many of those self-medicating with CBD reported that CBD oil helped manage their bipolar symptoms.  After reviewing the results of the survey, researchers who designed the study mentioned that endocannabinoid professionals should conduct more research on CBD oil and bipolar disorder.

One research group conducted a study on CBD for bipolar disorder.  Researchers reported that CBD did not help to prevent a manic episode.

Scientists in Brazil conducted a study regarding CBD oil and bipolar disorder.  (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/18801823)

Researchers treated patients with CBD for a portion of the time.  For another  portion of the time, medical professionals treated patients with a placebo.  At times, the research team treated the patients with olanzapine.  Finally, there was a period in which the researchers treated test subjects with both CBD and olanzapine.

Psychiatric professionals recognize olanzapine as one of the most effective prescription mood stabilizers.  One patient in the study experienced a more profound relief of symptoms when CBD and olanzapine were combined.  She was the only patient to report any change with CBD therapy.  Otherwise, patients in the study who had only received CBD were not any less prone to manic attacks.

This is just one study, though.  Medical professionals have realized before that higher levels of CBD are required for certain goals.  Perhaps researchers didn’t use the best CBD oil for bipolar disorder in this study.  Perhaps medical researchers will consider using higher concentrations of CBD.

Labs still need to conduct more research on CBD oil for bipolar disorder.

Scientists are not, by any means, perceiving this as a reason not to conduct more research on the benefit of CBD therapy on bipolar disorder.  Scientists have already proven that cannabinoids regulate a variety of mood-stabilizing hormones and neurotransmitters.  Given that, many scientists believe that CBD can be a very effective treatment for manic-depressive disorder.  If scientists conduct more research on CBD oil and bipolar disorder specifically, they may produce very different results.



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