CBD Oil for Degenerative Disc Disease [The Science Behind It!]

CBD Oil for Degenerative Disc Disease

CBD oil for degenerative disc disease
Studies with CBD oil for degenerative disc disease show promise of effective cannabis therapies.

CBD oil for degenerative disc disease may be the answer for those suffering from this debilitating condition.

Professionals are discovering that CBD oil for degenerative disc disease has the potential to reverse and prevent damage by providing therapeutic activation of healthy spinal activity-inducing agents.  Surprisingly, according to the Institute for Chronic Pain, degenerative disc disease accounts for 40% of all cases of chronic back pain.

Degenerative disc disease causes a constant shift in the spinal structure.  In the spine, there is a series of discs, and each are prone to bulging and shrinking.  Furthermore, a network of nerves controlling the central nervous system surrounds the spinal discs.  The constant shifting, swelling and deterioration of discs causes nerves to become impinged.  Consequently, patients suffer from increasingly from pain.  Additionally, the impingement of nerves leads to a variety of other neurological complications.


Injections of CBD oil for degenerative disc disease on disc damage caused by lesions proved to be effective in protecting against intervertebral degradation.

The National Center for Biotechnology Information published a study related to injections of CBD oil for management of disc health despite lesions growing on surrounding tissue. (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4269422/)


In this study, researchers separated mice into different groups.  Lab technicians induced lesions and treated various groups with different amounts of CBD and a final group with a vehicle solution.  Fifteen days after the lesions healed, scientists compared photographs of mice treated with CBD and those who had not been. There were clear differences.

Mice who had received high-dosage injections of CBD oil for degenerative disc disease maintained disc integrity.  Spinal discs where lesions had grown still had clear boundaries and had not lost any height.  Furthermore, fibers in the annulus fibrosis were notably well organized and intact.  Aside from that, the nucleus pulpous was still healthy and well-preserved.

Mice who had received a vehicle solution experienced significant disc damage.  Fibers became disorganized, and there was significant spinal disc damage.  Cavities were present throughout the structure.  There was no evidence of any active nucleus pulpous.  The disc itself had lost a considerable amount of height and mass, and its boundaries vanished into a sea of fibers.

Mice who had received low-dosage injections of CBD oil for degenerative disc disease didn’t experience much better results than those receiving a vehicle solution.


There is currently a vast amount of substantiated, documented knowledge about the anti-inflammatory properties and cell-preserving qualities of CBD.  There are a variety of studies in which ‘standardized doses’ of CBD do not produce any notable results.  Generally, when higher doses of CBD oil for degenerative disc disease are administered, discs are prevented from degeneration.


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