Is CBD Oil For Dogs Effective?

CBD Oil for Dogs

CBD oil for dogs

Can CBD Help to Relieve My Pugs Natural Health Complications?

Short answer: Yes, CBD oil for dogs can help!  It is possible for hemp CBD edibles to treat natural health complications in pugs. It’s hard to find accurate information that provides an alternative to the accepted status quo of Western medication, and the veterinarian profession isn’t unaffected by this (quickly crumbling) roadblock.  Due to federal restrictions, much needed research about CBD has been stifled for nearly a century.  It’s been challenging enough for many to find accurate, unbiased information about the treatment of CBD in human ailments, and the thought of treating canines with CBD is practically unheard of.  My question is:  Why?

Despite multiple attempts to demonize the cannabis plant, there have never been any negative reactions reported from human beings (or any other living being) ingesting CBDs – or even THC, for that matter.  Like many other herbs, there is a small portion of the population who has allergies to this plant, but even THC allergies aren’t life-threatening for humans, so CBD oil for dogs surely would pose no health risks.

What would lead anybody to think that it would cause any harm to dogs – especially considering the list of side effects associated with many of the medications prescribed to them on a regular basis?  Is it fair to force feed your little pooch medication that results in nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and other unfortunate side effects?

You are forced to consider your pug’s long-term comfort and decide if CBD oil for dogs makes sense for your dog.  You want to help relieve their respiratory problems.  You want to be able to prevent degenerative cell growth.  It literally breaks your heart when your beloved pug suffers another seizure, and the only thing you can do is keep giving him this poison created in a lab hoping it will have some effect that makes it worth the uncomfortable side effects he has to endure.

More and more independent labs are taking it upon themselves to conduct studies using CBD to treat various ailments.  Some individuals are even taking charge of their own care and seeking out CBD products to find relief from symptoms they’ve been unable to find through pharmaceuticals.  So…if CBD is known to relieve symptoms such as degenerative disorders, digestion complications, respiratory infections, seizures, tremors, and a long list of other symptoms that new research is uncovering every day in humans, why wouldn’t CBD oil for dogs have the same effect – more specifically, pugs – who are prone to all of the conditions listed earlier in this paragraph?

After all, dogs have THC and CBD receptors, as do humans.  Most living beings were actually meant to ingest THC and CBDs.  Our bodies were built to coexist with this plant on many levels.  Enzymes in our livers actually respond to THC by breaking it down into an even more psychoactive property known as 11-hydroxy-THC when properly active marijuana-infused products are consumed.  We’re not discussing THC, though.  We aren’t talking about getting high, and we aren’t talking about getting our animals intoxicated.  We are talking about utilizing the wealth of benefits known to exist with CBDs in regard to more health complications that exist among both humans and pugs than you might imagine.

Here is a list of known benefits of CBD:  Helps to maintain a healthy immune system, inhibits cancer cell growth, promotes healthy bone growth, reduces inflammation, relieves anxiety, reduces seizures and convulsions, and suppresses muscle spasms.  Pug owners, does this sound like a list of solutions to the chronic problems of your pug that keep you running back to the vet and exhausting all other options?

Hemp products packed with CBDs are available to feed your pug so you can begin a highly effect CBD treatment without all of the side effects associated with most prescription drugs.  Unlike THC, CBDs are not psychoactive, and do not result in nausea or create the ‘high’ associated with smoking or ingesting THC.

One of the most common recommendations is to keep pugs active in moderate temperatures to keep a healthy flow of oxygen.  It’s normal for them to pant heavily and experience a bit of congestion, and keeping your pug active will help to keep his airways open.  What happens, though, when pain sets in and he loses his appetite and begins to ‘hibernate’ to feel better?  You go get more anti-inflammatories and open the door for more negative reactions.  The doctor gives you another round of antibiotics, but you’re pretty sure that your furry friend has already developed a resistance to antibiotics.  You have no choice but to wait it out.

Or…You could feed him a meal made with hemp CBD products, help to stimulate his appetite and regulate his system, and naturally and healthfully help him resume and maintain as healthy of body functionality as possible so that your pug can enjoy a long, happy, and active life.  If pharmaceuticals and high vet bills have left your pug in poor condition, try starting your four-legged bundle of love on a CBD regimen.




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