CBD Oil for Kidney Disease [End Stage, Cannabis is the Only Option]

Studies on CBD oil and kidney disease demonstrate awesome potential!

More attention is being placed on using CBD oil for kidney disease.  The popularity of cannabinoids is increasing day by day because of their therapeutic impact on the body. Research has shown that CBD and other cannabinoids are effective against various ailments.

How does CBD oil for kidney disease work?

Medical experts can treat serious kidney diseases with cannabinoids. In this post, we will take a look at some of the most common kidney diseases.  We will also share some studies that are relevant to the mission of learning more about the benefit of CBD oil for kidney disease.

First, though, let’s take a closer look at the function of the kidneys.  Also, we will answer some critical questions about ligands and receptors.

What are ligands and receptors?  Furthermore, how are they impacted by treatment of CBD oil for kidney disease?

In our body, there are thousands of different molecules which work in coordination with each other to make each system function properly. Receptors are among the key components of this vast network.  Receptors are actually protein molecules that receive incoming, chemical signals.  They, then, produce a command or response particular to that signal.

Ligands, on the other hand, are the chemical agents carrying the incoming signal.  The ligands bind with receptors according to their affinity for them.

Many drugs and medicines work in the same way.  In effect, they bind with the receptor and induce a change inside the cell.   The goal is to either cure the disease or at least treat the symptoms. Cannabinoids are the pharmacologically active ingredients of cannabis.  Cannabinoids cause healthy molecular activity which binds to the body’s CB1 and CB2 receptors.

Why is CBD oil for kidney disease important?

Kidneys perform critical functions in our body.  They not only help to maintain our osmotic balance, but they also filter the toxic products from our blood. The kidney is made up of a series of units.  One of the primary units of the kidney is the nephron.  The nephron is simply a secreting unit.  Glomerulus and tubules make up each nephron.  More than a million nephrons units are present in an adult human kidney.

Damage to any structure of kidney can cause kidneys to improperly filter blood.  Consequently, this results in sometimes fatal illnesses.  If doctors don’t recognize early symptoms of kidney disease, many conditions can lead to kidney failure.  Kidney failure is a very severe condition in which the body loses all functionality of kidneys. Below is some information that has been acquired from studies relevant to CBD oil for kidney disease.

The benefits of CBD oil for CKD and ESDR

CKD stands for chronic kidney disease.   ESDR stands for end-stage renal disease.  According to the National Kidney Fund, ESDR is the final stage of CKD.   Medical experts attribute the highest morbidity and mortality rates to these specific kidney diseases. Moreover, in these late stages of chronic kidney disease, doctors prefer to avoid treating symptoms with prescription drugs.  This is because the kidneys have already malfunctioned to a point at which they are no longer able to filter toxins.  Therefore, introducing toxic chemicals to the body only makes the problem worse.

CBD oil for kidney disease works to combat these symptoms safely – even in throughout CKD and during ESDR.  The most common symptoms include anorexia/cachexia, chronic pain, nausea/vomiting, and pruritus (intense, chronic itchy skin).   Interestingly enough, cannabinoids treat all of these symptoms.  Therefore, CBD oil for both CKD and ESDR seems to provide the most therapeutic relief.  Unlike prescription drugs, CBD is neither a toxin nor does the body recognize it as one.  Conversely, cannabis it is a vital supplement that can ease the discomfort of kidney diseases during all stages.

Anti-Inflammatory properties of CBD oil for kidney disease

Inflammation is the body’s natural response to infection or injury. Let’s distinguish ‘infection’, however, in regard that it is the entry of pathogen or foreign particle inside the body.  On the other hand, inflammation is the body’s protective mechanism against such an infection.

Although inflammation is the body’s natural process and the natural healing process requires it, it can actually become a fatal condition if it becomes chronic. In this case, we have to take anti-inflammatory medicines to heal the infection.  Like other parts of the body, inflammation can occur in the cells of kidneys.  Doctors refer to kidney inflammation as nephritis.   

Other factors can lead to kidney inflammation, as well.   Some conditions that can result in kidney inflammation include bacterial infection and exposure to toxicity (heavy metals, FDA-approved drugs, etc).   If medical professionals or hempuralists do not treat kidney inflammation early, it may become chronic.  Inevitably, that could damage all or part of the kidneys, thus leading to more serious consequences.  Fortunately, endocannabinoid professionals have proven that CBD oil for kidney disease works to reduce inflammation.

CBD oil for kidney disease works to reduce toxic levels of albumin, thus preventing conditions such as albuminuria and renal fibrosis.

Albumin is a protein which is present in our blood.  This protein helps with different functions such as building muscles and repairing torn tissue. In a normal individual, excess albumin is excreted through the kidneys.  However, an individual with dysfunctional kidneys is unable to filter out this protein.  As such, it gets reabsorbed back into the blood, resulting in toxic levels of albumin and leading to a condition that doctors call albuminuria.

Renal fibrosis is a condition that prevents the kidneys from regenerating themselves after sustaining an injury.  Most often, this is a result of chronic kidney disease.  As a matter of fact, renal fibrosis is present in nearly all cases of CKD at one point.

Professionals at the Centre for Chronic Disease at the College of Health and Biomedicine of the Victoria University in Melbourne, Australia, conducted a study related to CBD oil for kidney disease.  These researchers proved that the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD helped to prolong the health of the kidneys.  We placed a link to the study below, along with links to other studies relevant to CBD oil for kidney disease and information resources.







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