CBD Oil Spinal Cord Injury Recovery [Cannabinoids Preserve Vital Communication]

CBD Oil Helps Maintain Effective Motor Skills and Reflexes

The reality CBD oil spinal cord injury recovery is upon us.  Scientists in Brazil proved that cannabinoids are effective in restoring motor skills and reflexes while maintaining healthy sensory input levels.  We’ll discuss that in greater detail.  For now, let’s consider some of the facts about spinal cord injuries.

According to the Shepherd Center about spinal injuries, most spinal cord injuries occur as a result of extreme and risky athletics.  Auto crashes, work accidents, and other unforeseen events can also cause spinal injuries.  However, not every spinal cord injury is related to a collision.  Actually, it’s also possible to sustain spinal cord injuries from a variety of diseases such as arthritis, bulging discs or other degenerative disc diseases that result in spinal inflammation, cancer, multiple sclerosis, and osteoporosis.    For these conditions, CBD oil spinal cord injury recovery could begin with CBD oil spinal cord injury prevention.  This is because cannabinoids treat diseases that result in spinal cord injuries.

The Shepherd Center also states that spinal cord injuries affect people in varying degrees.  There is also no standard recovery time, as every individual’s body responds differently.  Having said that, there are consistencies among those who experience a spinal cord injury.  Among them are complete loss of sensation in certain limbs or areas of the body and loss of movement.  Additionally, loss of functionality can extend to bladder and bowels.  Conversely, patients with a spinal cord injury can experience spasms or highly exaggerated reflexes.  Individuals may also experience changes in both sex drive and sexual function.  Finally, most people who have suffered a spinal cord injury report pain and painful stinging sensations.

CBD oil spinal cord recovery works to protect neuropathways responsible for receiving sensory input and controlling motor functionality and reflexes.  Patients also enjoy CBD pain relief during recovery time.

Endocannabinoid professionals already know that different cannabinoids provide vital neuroprotection.  This helps to not only prevent diseases, but also helps to attenuate the damage caused by injuries.  For example, studies on CBD oil for degenerative disc diseases proves that CBD preserves neurological health during spinal stress.  Aside from that, Huntington’s disease CBD oil studies and research involving other neurological disorders proves that CBD extends neurological wellness.

Experts have also conducted extensive research involving arthritis and cannabinoids, CBD neuropathic pain management, and other types of pain.  Given that, they know that cannabinoids could be effective in providing relief from the painful sensations associated with spinal cord injuries.

Now…The CBD oil spinal cord injury study you’ve been waiting for!

Experts in the Department of Physiology within the Faculty of Medicine of Ribeirão Preto, of the Universidade de São Paulo in Ribeirão Preto, Brazil, conducted a study related to CBD oil spinal cord injury recovery.  (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21915768)

For this study, researchers split rats into five equal groups.  They, then, used cryogenics to humanely induce a spinal cord injury.   Lab technicians treated each group with either a vehicle injection or 20 mg of CBD.  They systematically treated the groups of rats both before and after surgery.  They noted that the cryogenic spinal injury resulted in significant motor, reflex and sensory input damage in all groups.  However, the groups of rats receiving CBD injections had locomotor scores that were 70% higher than the groups of rats receiving a vehicle solution. Furthermore, there was significantly less damage to tissue in the ventral horn of the spinal cord.

The ventral horn is the spinal column most responsible for regulating motor communication. Aside from that, another critical component to healing from a spinal cord injury is effective FosB expression.  FosB is a gene that works to keep healthy enzyme activity that maintains neuroplasticity.  Neuroplasticity is vital for the continued growth and development of the brain.

These findings suggest that CBD spinal cord recovery can be accomplished not only by masking pain during early treatment phases, but also preventing long-term brain damage associated with spinal cord injuries.






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