Scientists Have Asked, ‘Does CBD Oil Lower Cholesterol?’

So…What’s the verdict on CBD and high cholesterol?

Does CBD oil lower cholesterol?
Does CBD oil lower cholesterol? Studies indicate that it does!

Does CBD oil lower cholesterol?

If you’re wondering, ‘Does CBD oil lower cholesterol?’ you’re not alone.  Endocannabinoid professionals and consumers alike have wondered about the effect of CBD on cholesterol.

There may be a more inclusive question than, ‘Does CBD oil lower cholesterol?’

Okay.  We are definitely going to answer the question of whether or not CBD oil can lower cholesterol.  Perhaps there’s a more pertinent question, though.  Maybe the preferential concern should be, ‘Does hemp lower cholesterol?’

Now…For the moment you’ve been waiting for.  Studies that have sought to answer the question, ‘Does CBD oil lower cholesterol?’ have given scientists reason to believe that it does.

Back to the addition of the question about hemp and high cholesterol, though…

Hemp seed oil and hemp CBD oil are two different things.  However, they both have properties that help manage healthy cholesterol levels.

For starters, you can view our post covering the difference between hemp seed oil and hemp CBD oil. That will clarify some critical differences.  Here, we will suffice to say that hemp seed is rich in all amino acids and long list of vitamins and minerals.  Furthermore, hemp seed is rich in healthy fat that scientists recognize as raising HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol) levels and reducing triglycerides.  Scientists know that other seeds and oils (flax seed, fish oil, soy, and whey, for example) in its class are perfect for these goals.  Botanists also know that hemp seed oil outperforms all of its competitors in nutritional value across the board.

Having said that, just remember that – while CBD can lower cholesterol – hemp seed oil can also help healthfully mange your cholesterol levels.

Now for studies that answer the question, ‘Does CBD oil lower cholesterol?’

A study with a cannabinoid receptor blocker indicates that CBD could be effective in raising HDL cholesterol while lowering LDL cholesterol and regulating adiponectin levels.

Scientists in Canada conducted research to help answer the question, ‘Does CBD oil lower cholesterol?’ (

In this study, they used a CB1 blocker known as Rimonabant.  They tested a variety of factors related to cholesterol after CBD treatment.  Among them included HDL cholesterol and adiponectin levels.  Medical professionals like to see a lot of activity with these enzymes and metabolites, as high levels of these help to lower cholesterol.  Furthermore, scientists tested Rimonabant’s ability to lower triglycerides.  Triglycerides are stored fat cells.  When your triglyceride count is too high, you are at risk for a variety of cardiovascular complications.  While triglycerides are not the same as cholesterol, they accumulate in your blood in the same manner.  As such, it increases your risk of conditions related to high cholesterol and obesity.

So, if you were using this study to answer the question, ‘does CBD oil lower cholesterol?’ the answer would have to be, ‘Yes!’

CBD helps to lower cholesterol indirectly by minimizing the craving for ‘more’.

Scientists know that overeating can easily lead to high cholesterol and related complications like cardiovascular disease and obesity.

Two different research teams in Italy and the United States conducted research involving CBD and high cholesterol.  The results of their research provided an indirect answer to ‘Does CBD lower cholesterol?’

In the first study conducted in Italy, scientists also used Rimonabant.  (

They tested whether or not CBD treatment would mitigate mice’s desire to eat more food if it were packed with sweet, delectable treats.  It did!

In the second study conducted in the United States, scientists sought the answer to a more complex question.  (

Endocannabinoid professionals had already accepted the idea that CBD can help to regulate your diet.  The question they posed wasn’t to answer, ‘Does CBD lower cholesterol?’  They asked, does CBD start to work with the endocannabinoid more quickly if it’s consumed with a sweet substance or a fatty-based substance?

The answer?  Sweet.

Nevertheless, CBD still managed to distribute therapeutically throughout the body.  So to sum it all up…Does CBD oil lower cholesterol?  Yes.  Yes, it does.


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