Drugs FDA Approved and Foods vs CBD

It’s no secret that many of the foods and drugs FDA approved have severe side effects – including death. We’ll get deeper into that.  I know that most of our focus is on CBD and other cannabinoids.  Be that as it may, I wanted to pose a public health question:  How can FDA approved drugs be diminishing health and killing patients while law enforcement is spending billions of dollars  housing ‘pot criminals’?  Furthermore, why is the FDA  STILL not considering hemp?

Scientists have demonstrated that both hemp seed oil and hemp CBD products are highly therapeutic.  Furthermore, cannabinoids don’t cause negative side effects.  Most importantly, cannabis is not lethal.  That remains true no matter how much one consumes.

Let’s take a look at some of the foods and drugs FDA approved.  Let’s also review how these FDA approved drugs and foods negatively impact the mental and physical health of our society from a very young age.

The National Center for Biotechnology Information posted a review outlining the FDA approval process.  (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3261946/)

A group of professionals had submitted information for the FDA to review.  More specifically, it was scientific evidence that synthetic food colors had adverse reactions on children’s behavior.   The FDA replied, defending their dismissal of these facts during the FDA approval process.  They stated that the evidence did not apply to the general population – only vulnerable subpopulations.  In other words, since it affected small groups of vulnerable individuals, it wasn’t worth changing.

Now let’s briefly examine the different colors and additives that experts know cause a variety of negative side effects.  Keep in mind that the FDA is aware of the hazards of these chemicals.  As a matter of fact, many other countries have banned a variety of the foods and drugs FDA approved.  That’s because they pose significant mental and physical health risks.

Equally as disturbing, corporations use these dyes to trick consumers.  Furthermore, they are a less expensive option for manufacturers.  In effect, the FDA is enabling corporate greed while putting the lives of middle and lower class consumers at risk.

Food dyes approved by the FDA:

Blue #1, or brilliant blue.  Manufacturers use this color in a variety of baked treats, candy, cereal, and drinks.

Experts know that this dye has the potential to cause kidney tumors.  Also, it may cause asthmatics to experience adverse allergic reactions.

Blue #2, or indigo carmine.  Manufacturers use this color in a variety of candy, dog food, and drinks.

Studies have shown that indigo carmine causes brain gliomas.

Citrus red #2.  Manufacturers use this in Florida oranges to keep their bright appeal.

Studies have shown that this dye is toxic to small animals – even in small doses.  Furthermore, experts have proven that it causes bladder tumors.  Finally, the International Agency for Research on Cancer identified citrus red #2 as having carcinogenic properties.

Green #3, or fast green. Manufacturers use this color in a variety of candy, cosmetics, ice cream, and drinks.

Scientists are aware that this dye causes bladder tumors.  As a matter of fact, this is one of the dyes that the European Union and a variety of other territories have prohibited.

Red #3, or erythrosine.  Manufacturers use this dye in baked treats, candy, different types of sausage, and maraschino cherries.

Experts know that this dye not only leads to hyperactivity in young children, but it also causes thyroid cancer.  In 1990, the FDA issued only a partial ban.  Be that as it may, it is still being used in a wide variety of foods.  Like many drugs FDA approves, the severity of the negative health hazards seems to be nothing more than support of an agenda.  Actually, it seems that creating an imbalance of wealth and decreasing the surplus population are the primary concerns of the FDA.  Despite all these facts, the FDA still stands by the fact that their list of approved poisons is safer than CBD for young children.

Red #40, or allura red. Manufacturers use this dye in a variety of candy, cereal, cosmetics and drinks.

This dye also causes hyperactivity in adolescents.  Furthermore, research indicates that it is responsible for causing tumors in the immune system.  Aside from that, some individuals actually have an allergic reaction to this particular additive.

Yellow #5, or atrazine.  Manufacturers use this dye in baked treats, candy, cereal, and drinks.

Many individuals have allergic reactions to this dye.  Also, experts know that it can cause both mild and severe hypersensitivity.  Most alarming, the Center for Science in the Public Interest lists this dye as a carcinogen – along with Red #3, Red #40, Yellow #6, and a variety of other dyes.

Yellow #6, or sunset yellow.  Manufacturers use this dye in a variety of baked treats, cereal, cosmetics, and sausages.

Aside from possessing carcinogenic properties, this dye also causes hyperactivity in children.  Furthermore, research demonstrated that Yellow #6 may cause adrenal tumors.

That’s not even close to the worst part!


Many over-the-counter and prescription drugs FDA approved are more toxic than most consumers realize…and the FDA is aware of these toxicities.  Like many other foods and drugs that have passed the FDA approval process, the truth is covered up with pretty colors and attractive labels.


A children’s laxative that gained FDA approval is actually made from anti-freeze.

Miralax is a laxative for children.  This over-the-counter, FDA approved drug, is one of the drugs FDA approved for children!  Why is that so alarming?  Because the primary ingredient is polyethylene glycol 3350.  That is the same ingredient manufacturers place in anti-freeze!  Anti-freeze is lethal, and this chemical lends to the severity of the symptoms of anti-freeze poisoning.  It works as a laxative because it’s a poison the body is working to reject.

One of the drugs FDA approved is supposed to relieve pain and build immunity, but the side effects include pain and death.

Humira is a drug that is supposed to treat a variety of arthritic and autoimmune conditions.  However, this FDA approved drug has a long list of side effects, including back pain, nausea, rashes, respiratory infections, and even death!

So, the FDA approves drugs like this and then tries to demonize parents for treating their children with a homeopathic herb, cannabis.

It truly seems as though the FDA is only interested in diminishing the health of our society.  Seriously…How are all these drugs FDA approves passing the FDA approval process while hemp keeps getting rejected?  What’s REALLY going on?







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