FDA Approved CBD Drugs that Big Pharma Tainted

FDA approved CBD drugs successfully met every substandard we have all come to expect from the US Food and Drug Administration.  Leave it to the FDA to take a pure, highly effective, homeopathic agent and turn it into something ridiculously synthetic.  Not to mention something with loads of toxicity and harmful side effects.

Thousands of studies using pure cannabinoids indicate that Mother Earth was quite effective in her creation of cannabis as our primary herbal supplement.  First of all, FDA approved CBD-lacking, synthetic, pharmaceutical drugs been contributing to the failing health of our society.  Now, the FDA is actually taking cannabinoids and turning them into poison by introducing unnecessary chemical additives.

While we’re on the topic, doesn’t it seem a bit hypocritical to say that CBD has no medicinal value by assigning a Schedule 1 classification, while spending billions of dollars approving synthetic drugs that poorly mimick its potential value?

Endocannabinoid professionals have proven that cannabinoids naturally and safely stimulate healthiest biological activity.  Cannabis, itself, promotes both physical and mental health.  Why, then, would anybody feel the need to alter it with pharmaceuticals and synthetics?  Hempower means that the People can no longer ignore the sinister mission involving the FDA imposing regulations on CBD while approving toxic drugs!

FDA approved CBD drugs that don’t actually qualify as CBD

FDA Approved CBD Drug: Marinol, AKA Dronabinol

Side effects of this pharmaceutical impostor include a variety of horrible side effects.  To start, its intention is to treat nausea.  However, nausea is listed as a side effect, as is changes in appetite – not always for the better.  Oddly, appetite-stimulation is another one of its goals.  Then we have anxiety, confusion, hallucinations, irritability, and memory loss.  Aside from that, there are physical side effects like diarrhea, dizziness, hiccups, hot flashes, sweating, and even seizures.  Then you can couple that with restlessness, vomiting, and weakness.  If you look at the manufacturer’s description of Marinol, you will notice they start with an allergic reaction warning and a clear statement that it could exacerbate psychiatric conditions.

Wow!  This FDA approved CBD drug doesn’t sound like hemp at all.  With the exception of a few reports of diarrhea, not a single study lists these as potential side effects of pure CBD.

FDA Approved CBD Drug: Sativex

For this FDA approved CBD drug, you can apply all the side effects from Marinol.  Then, you can add panic attacks on top of the anxiety.  You can also make the diarrhea worse by alternating it with constipation.  Oh yeah, and there’s probably going to be an abundance of abdominal pain with that.

Don’t worry, though, because you might also be coughing and have a sore throat.  Worse yet, you could get sores in your mouth that peel and are extremely uncomfortable.  Or you could also be too focused on the funky taste in your mouth or by the fact that you’re having a very hard time urinating.

Perhaps you can sleep it off.  Ooh…well…probably not, since both insomnia and problems with balance are side effects.  As a matter of fact, according to the National Prescribing Service, you could be so disoriented, you don’t really know much at all.  Please, if you think I’m making any of this up, please feel free to check out the description of Sativex yourself!

FDA Approved CBD Drug: Epidiolex

Side effects of this FDA approved CBD imitation drug include many of the same symptoms as the other two.  Epidiolex side effects include diarrhea, drowsiness, fatigue, insomnia, and reduction of sleep quality.  Also on the list are infections, lethargy and weakness, loss of appetite, malaise (feeling unwell), and skin rashes.  Even more disturbing, in the FDA report on Epidiolex, they state that these side effects are quite common.

Does that sound like ANYTHING pure CBD oil does to you?  Not at all!

That’s because people that want to make and keep you sick got a hold of them.  The FDA made sure they were sufficiently poisonous and slapped an ‘FDA approved CBD’ label on them to trick you into thinking they’re good for you.  Don’t be fooled.  It’s all garbage, and it’s designed to decrease your quality of life and keep you in the dark about the real potential of hemp CBD therapy – NOT FDA approved CBD imitation drugs.


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