FDA Hemp Oil Regulations, Then and Now [Historical Account]

An Overview of the FDA’s and DEA’s historical disposition on hemp and cannabis.

FDA hemp oil restrictions haven’t always been in place.  As a matter of fact, hemp was once the primary agricultural crop of our developing country.  From paper and textiles to decorative pieces and even recreational consumption, many of our Founding Father’s cultivated, profited from, and enjoyed the therapeutic benefits of hemp.  The Hemp Industries Association offers a great historical account on the uses and implications of hemp.

The Roaring 20’s introduced a cultural shift.  During the same time, the logging industry was experiencing an economic downturn.  The majority of cities had been built.  Communities were constructed, and a once-booming industry was finding itself with no prospects.  That is, until…

Some corporate big wigs in Big Timber with political influence initiated a propaganda campaign to demonize cannabis.  “Marijuana is dangerous!”

“Marijuana causes white women to lose all their senses and put themselves in vulnerable positions with black musicians.”

“Cannabis is responsible for dangerous, psychotic episodes.”

“Marijuana can lead to death!”

“Cannabis can alter your mind and make you do things that will put you in prison for life!”

As silly as it sounds, it was extremely effective.  Like a string of dominoes, state by state imposed laws against not only marijuana, but cannabis, in general.

In the process of FDA hemp oil criminalization, lawmakers denied all statements from qualified, unbiased and independent botanists.  Instead, they admitted testimony by Big Timber’s team of ‘experts’.

Self-proclaimed experts lined the halls to support the FDA hemp oil assassination.  They provided statements indicating that both hemp and marijuana contained very dangerous, mind-altering chemicals that could lead to extreme mental impairment and even death.  The defending side never got to offer contradictory testimony.  As a matter of fact, the court never even allowed it in.

Despite the position of FDA and herbal supplements, FDA hemp oil restrictions were imposed along with the cultivation and distribution of all cannabis.  As a result, American Citizens’ health has been declining ever since.

Hemp CBD Laws are in place, but they are still extremely punitive and prohibitive.

Certain states have allowed patients to engage in CBD therapy without limitations or legal implications.  However, some states like Utah still make it virtually impossible to possess CBD oil with current FDA hemp oil restrictions.

Even in states that clearly define the difference between hemp and marijuana, the DEA still imposes growing restrictions on hemp.  Therefore, growers can’t even get around FDA hemp oil restrictions to grow it to create a supply in which residents have a legal right to possess hemp CBD products – even in states with progressive CBD laws.

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